Here’s How You Can Dominate The Highly Profitable GOAL SETTING Niche With Premium Content That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Wallet...

Goal Setting White Label (PLR) Package

According to, American consumers will buy $13.2 billion(!) worth of self-help books, ​audios, courses, coaching and more by 2022.

Question: Do
YOU want entry into ​this gigantic industry without doing all the grunt work yourself?

​​If so, you're in the right place!

The self-help / personal development industry has been around for well over 100 years and it’s not going anywhere.

Have you noticed how people hooked to self-help NEVER buy just one book, one training program, one audio course, etc? Nope.

They buy a book. They read through it. Or not.

When they see the next attractive offer, they're off to see what it's all about.

And more often than not, they end up buying it.

Self-Help Is Almost A
​Hardcore ADDICTION!

Those hooked to it need their next hit, and quick!

Well, YOU can be the one to supply them with genuinely helpful, premium quality content. ​​

If you do that, they’ll buy from you.

When they see you sell great stuff, they’ll buy more of the other stuff you put out.

Again and again and yet again.

It’s an awesome market to get immediate ​sales from AND build a long term business in.

​Warning...Don't Bother Selling ​Low Quality Products To The Self-Help Crowd

You see, most of these folks have read dozens of books on self-help topics.

They know what it’s all about. And can tell poor quality ​stuff from a mile off.

They RUN from peddlers of bad stuff.

Which is why you need well-written, ​professional-​grade content.

That’s what you’re getting right here.

Check out all the components you get with this massive PLR package...

Component #1 - Custom-Created 48 Page Book - “How To Achieve Your Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible”

Premium White Label Book: How To Achieve Your Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
Content Sample 1
Table of Contents
Content Sample 2

You get full private label rights to this 10,200+ word, premium grade book. You can break it up into smaller reports, use parts as web content, etc.

The book is pre-formatted so that you can sell it quickly, if you choose to. Or you can easily re-purpose it in any way you see fit.

This is fresh and new - it was written especially for this project. Supplied in .docx and .doc formats ready to be opened in Microsoft Word or Open Office.

PDF version also included.

Component #2 - Goal-Setting Email Sequence

Professionally Written Email Sequence

You know the biggest mistake most newbie niche marketers make?

Not following up!

Mainly because they have no idea how to write an email sequence.

So we're giving you one - with PLR rights!

You get a well-crafted, 5 day sequence. Use it out the box, or use it for inspiration - or break the content out of it for use in posts, reports and things!

Supplied in text format.

Component #3 - 40 Blog Posts Or Email ​Content Pieces

If you're going to dominate this niche you'll need content to publish in your newsletters, on your blog, etc.

So to kick things off we have FORTY goal setting ​content pieces available for you. And you get PLR to them.

Turn them into blog posts, compile into reports, use as lead magnets...

Fully 24 of those ​40 are above 1000+ words each.

​Each content piece supplied as an individual file in text format.

Blog Posts / Email Content

Component #4 - ​6 Page Special Report - “The 9 Biggest Goal Setting Mistakes That Can Stop You In Your Tracks”

Special Report

Like the book, this high quality report is also specially created for this project.

And you get private label rights to it.

Use it as a premium lead magnet, a pillar blog post, break it up into an email sequence and more.

Comes in .doc, .docx and PDF formats.

Component #5 - 7 Page Special Report - “11 Productivity Apps To Help You Succeed Faster...While Having Fun Doing It”

This is yet another carefully crafted, high-grade report for your use.

We researched the best, most fun-to-use apps which make goal achievement a breeze. And created a well-written report for you.  

Comes with private label rights so you can use it in a variety of ways.

Comes in .doc, .docx and PDF formats.

Productivity Apps

Component #6 - 2 Complete Books + 1 Goal Achievement Audio

2 Books + Audio

One issue you face with white label products is that there's never enough content to build a funnel with.

There is now...

We paid our researchers top dollar to hunt down the best goal setting related PLR that was already out there and obtain the most flexible rights to it all.

As a result you are also getting...

#1 - 13,000 Word Book - “100 Surprising Tactics Achievers Use To Beat Procrastination And Reach Their Goals”

This a 49 page, premium quality book. It’s a complete product in its own right.

You could use it as an upsell or include it in a members area. Or you could strip out the bits you want to put into your own course, autoresponder sequences and more.

Comes in .doc, .docx and PDF formats.

#2 - 8,900 Word Book - “Achieve Your Goals Faster And Easier With These Productivity Strategies”

This 45 page book could be used as a paid product! Or you could extract parts to use in lead magnets or web site content.

Comes in .doc, .docx and PDF formats.

#3 - Hard-Hitting 25 Minute Audio - “The Secret Of Getting To Your Goal With The Power Of True Focus

​This ​amazing 25 minute audio has a concise, focused plan to completely change your life for the better in the next 1 year.

If your audience sets any kind of goals, they need to listen to this recording.

It’s a great bonus or upsell to offer alongside the other components of this package. Supplied as an mp3 file.

Are you starting to see how this pack can make anyone look like the go to person for all things goals related?

Component #7 - PSD Source To Cover Graphics

I had the book cover graphics made to help promote this product. But since I have the PSD source files (can be opened in the free editor at if you don't have Photoshop), I'm handing the graphics to you with PLR rights!

You can use this however you like but I strongly recommend you only use it as inspiration and that you make your covers look unique and branded to you.

Goal Setting White Label (PLR) Package

Component #8 - Done-For-You Keyword Research

DFY Keyword Research

​So you won't have to waste time or money doing keyword research, I’m also including a keyword report that has been produced by an SEO expert.

Fast track your success with this insider industry information. Supplied in .xlsx, .xls and .csv file formats.

When you strip it down, this is what PLR is meant to be. A massive collection of quality content for you to use to create a unique product that stands out from the crowd.

No ridiculous "whack your name on this and make bank" claims.

Just quality content to fast track your success is this high profit niche.

According to Marketdata Enterprises Inc, self-improvement books alone is a $800 million market. That’s not counting audios, videos, coaching and all the rest.

And the fact that people into self improvement will spare no expense and will buy just about anything related makes this a monster niche.

So no hype, no unrealistic promises.

How Much Is This Premium White Label Goal Setting ​Package?

I just checked prices at a popular (and relatively cheap) writing service.

To get a 7000 word ebook written you need to shell out $230 if you use one of their good quality writers.

And you’ll have to pay as much as $760 if you use a top rated writer.

Now, just the main ebook in this package is 10,200+ words of premium quality content.

That should cost you a few hundred dollars to get written, at the minimum. And that’s not counting the value of all the other content in here.

But don’t worry, you won’t pay anything close to that.

For a limited time -- as an introductory discount -- you’ll get this entire package of top-notch content for just $39.95.

You’ll agree that’s an absolute bargain, any way you look at it.

By now you already know if you want to get into a highly profitable niche without doing all the grunt work, so all that is left for me to do is give you a button to click right now. . .

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Get Instant ​Access To The Complete Goal Setting White Label Package

ZERO UPSELLS - You get everything you need right here

​Introductory Pricing ​Guaranteed For Only. . .


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